online cycloCyclo – I have been working on since early 2011 as both lead writer and editor coving everything from the Tour de France to features on cycling safety and kit, apparel and nutrition. I also developed the work-flow processes, social media integration, SEO and content marketing strategies for the site and continue to manage the growing social media channels.

Cyclo is another good example of learning the subject in-depth ‘on the job’. Before working on it I thought Neil Armstrong won the Tour de France (of course it turned out Lance didn’t either.) Read Cyclo here.

Matti Hemmings is a professional Flatland BMXer, double Guinness World Record holder and founder of the UK Flatland BMX Championships, which brings all levels of riders together to ‘show off their skills.’ Clearly living the dream, Cyclo caught up with Matti at the end of a busy and successful year to talk world-records, inspiration and plans for the future…