online rmRunningMonkey – I have worked on RunningMonkey (now part of the CPL stable of sites) since 2010, writing exhaustively on all aspects of running from gear and nutrition to ultra-marathon race reports. I work with global brand-leaders from adidas and Garmin to inov-8; delivering SEO compliant content, in addition to managing the growing social channels.

RunningMonkey is definitely one of those sweet-spot Venn diagram intersections where passion meets paid work. You can read RunningMonkey here or take a look at the trailer at the bottom of the page.

When it comes to picking a race pack there are no end of options, and – shoes aside – it can be one of the most performance-critical decision you make as a distance runner. Choosing a pack is like choosing friends – pick a great one and it will support you effortlessly mile after mile without complaint or falter, pick a duff one and it will get on your nerves, get in the way and make you want to ditch it in a canal. Possibly the friend’s analogy breaks down at this point…